Wednesday, November 01, 2006



ME names annabelle da one n de only! dis iz da 1st time me usin dis... bt hey deres a 1st time for netin!!! donc par ou je vaise start??

oh yes... i come from mauritius, a tinny island found in da indian ocean.. i am currently a student in an international skul (MIXED) n bla bla bla...

neway u'll hearin from mwa soon

ciao for now!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Holodayzzz r about to end

It seems as if the holidays jus started and now they are about to end. I cannot believe it. 2004 went so fast n now, we all waiting 4 da results. That scares me.....

well gotta fly


Saturday, November 13, 2004



Jus 2 more dayzzz of xamz, den its ova folks!!! im glad d xamzz took my breath away!!!! wat will i do durin de holzzz... i'll c..... mayb i'll go 2 da cinema, circus n bla bla


ciao 4 now

Friday, November 05, 2004

this day


i spent dis mornin doin phy... n i can tell u me headzzz bout 2 xplode!!! neway... yesterday i had 2 xamzzz... eng lit n mats... mats was easy n lit was fine... i hope de xaminers av da same opinion as i....

neway... yesterday A swore at a couple of ppl.... i wonda y? well i gotta go..

ciao 4 now

Wednesday, November 03, 2004



nebody out dere?? neva mind!!! well 2day waz ok... i ad a long wait till me examzz... i was havin a pretty nice time till J came alon.... J jus spoils everytin... i dont like J u c.... i dnt no y.... but i jus don like J..... so i went away... bt i ad fun talking to N,K,P,JE,I,S,JER,V N MJ so in da end it was o.k

ayo xamzzzzz again 2 main... bof i gotta go

da 1 n de only

ciao 4 now

Monday, November 01, 2004

How dis day iz gonna appen


dis day iz gona b as borin as yesterday.... all me gonna do iz study! :<>

neway... i foned mj n M yesterday... dey told me dat d xamz were oki doki... so i suppose mine will also be oki doki...

well i gotta go 4 now

ciao 4 now

wat a borin day

so.... dis day iz so borin... i av no xamz n i studied dis mornin... ayo... (dats a mauritian word).... neway i foned k... but we cudnt talk 4 long... ayo dese xamz r stressiiin me out!!!!!!

bof bof bof, cnt wait til da 16th of nov!! dats de las day of me xamzzz... bon..... shud i tell yah bout skul??

in a few words.... skul stinks... xamz after xamz.... fights wit frendzzz, canteen food 2 expensive.... wat cn i say.... i wonda if ne1 iz gona read dis netime soon

ciao for now